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Speech & Language Services


Meet the Founder, Hannah Bogash


Hannah is a board-certified speech and language pathologist with 8+ years of experience. She holds a Post-Baccalaureate and a Master's degree from Chapman University.


Hannah's passion and expertise lies in treating Childhood Apraxia of Speech, early intervention, and parent coaching. She has extensive training in therapeutic techniques such as Floortime, PROMPT, Hanen's It Takes Two to Talk, Inside Out Sensory Certificate, and Natural Language Acquisition for Gestalt Language Processors


Hannah is a native of Southern California and enjoys staying active, hiking, guitar, skiing, and traveling to new destinations.

Core Values

Empowering Young Minds​

Empowering children without compromising our own power or boundaries is essential. Children desire the same level of recognition, autonomy, and respect as adults. The goal is to support them in discovering their inner strength by fostering an environment where their voices are heard and valued.



Dedication & Mutual Accountability​

Effective therapy requires a collaborative effort between the therapist, child, and family. Central to this collaborative effort is mutual accountability. I empower families to practice new skills by providing the tools, strategies, and support. Families play a vital role in their child's development by consistently reinforcing skills outside the clinic walls.



Trust the Process

Personalized treatment plans will align with your child's interests and goals. While progress may take time, I firmly believe in the efficacy of trusting the therapy process. Rest assured, I will be an advocate for your child's success every step of the way.

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