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  • Early Intervention + Parent Coaching

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech + PROMPT trained

  • Natural Language Acquisition for Gestalt Language Processors

  • Language Delays/Disorders (up to 5 yrs old)

  • Speech Sound Delays/Disorders (up to 18 yrs old)

  • Social Skills Groups

Service Areas

Social Skills Groups At Sunny Skies Therapy

Incorporating a play-based approach, children actively participate in creating new skills that help them become better social thinkers!


Targeted Skills Include:

  • Initiating conversations

  • Greetings

  • Flexible thinking/Problem solving

  • Personal space

  • Self-advocacy

  • Exploring feelings & Perspective taking

  • Sharing & Turn-Taking

  • Losing a game/Fair play

  • Collaborative play

Service Locations

Therapy is provided where it works best for you, whether that be at the clinic in Westlake Village, or from the comfort of your own home via teletherapy.


Westlake Village, right on the Lake at The Landing.

The clinic has a dedicated sensory room for regulation. Caregiver involvement is highly valued & encouraged throughout sessions.

Engaging virtual sessions make therapy accessible throughout California!

Teletherapy has shown to be an effective and beneficial option for treatment delivery.


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