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Empowering Children With Effective

Communication Skills

Pediatric speech therapy tailored to each child's unique needs and strengths.


Private Speech and Language Services

For Children and Adolescents

Sunny Skies is a privately owned clinic that specializes in pediatric speech and language therapy, providing both personalized individual and dynamic group sessions.

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Welcome To Sunny Skies!

Hi, I'm Hannah! Founder of Sunny Skies Therapy, located at The Landing in Westlake Village. I'm a licensed speech therapist, passionate about empowering children through a strengths-based approach. I create personalized treatment plans tailored to each child. 

This is not just a clinic; It's a welcoming community where every client becomes family.

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Client Testimonials

"When you have a child who needs therapies, it is so difficult to find the right therapists in all the areas of need to make that dream team. When I realized we were going to need a speech therapist for my 3 year old on top of other therapies, I was apprehensive. I figured I'd have to try out numerous speech therapists until I found the one I trusted with my child and trusted their expertise. Somehow, we struck gold on the first attempt! Here's how I knew:
1) She used her weekend time for my consultation. Showed me she was a hard worker right away with that. I was able to get my child in that very week for her to be assessed. Hannah sent me the results quickly with her goals attached. I had some clarifying questions about the test results and goals and she responded quickly. I knew she would communicate with me easily and often.
2) When I listened into the sessions, I could see how much she uses affect and speech to communicate with my child. She's energetic and yet calming. She knows when my child is having a hard time and stays with her in that moment as well as gives me tips on what to do if I see something similar.
3) She takes our insurance! I now send my child to work with her 3 times per week. My parents often help me take her to the sessions. Recently my father commented on all the therapies my child has and he said, "I'd be happy if all we did was Hannah." I haven't struck gold with my other therapists yet.
4) She calls my insurance for me and lets me know about deductibles, max out of pocket, co-pays per session, etc. Saves me so much time. Just another reason to show she's a hard worker.
5) And finally, my child is growing. I see her starting to generalize the skills she's been working on with Hannah and I feel like at least one of our early interventions is really closing the gap.
My family is so so grateful for Hannah."

J.G., Parent

Check out the clinic's

sensory gym!

Insurance Coverage


In-network provider with most Anthem BlueCross PPO plans. 

For families out-of-network, a Super Bill will be provided to submit to your insurance for potential out-of-network reimbursement.

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